Artist's Statement

I'm a visual artist originating from the city of Pori, Finland. In the spring of 2010 I graduated from the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences' Faculty of Business and Culture, Kankaanpää campus. I specialized in printmaking, and screen printing has become the dearest way of expression for me.

I'm fascinated by industrial environments; their constantly evolving graphical compositions and their rugged beauty. In my works I depict different kinds of machines and engines in a fashion that's typical for me: with modern touch and rich colours. The viewer is carried into the imaginary minds of the machines both in the city and in the countryside by the pictorial themes. Furthermore, one is carried to urban landscapes where dockyard cranes turn into animal herds, to abandoned industrial halls where old rusty machines come back to life when depicted as humane creatures. Through machines I simultaneously explore the human mind.

In my photographs both people and details of different landscapes are being repeated instead of the machines. The photographs often reflect one's experience of separateness in relation to surroundings. Sometimes it can be painful loneliness, in other times it can be also a feeling of relief and freedom when one can experience one has found extreme beauty.

Loviisa Tala


Loviisa Tala / Visual Artist

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